Modern Dental is pleased to offer a simple and comprehensive remake policy.  This includes all restorations or appliances that are covered by a Modern Dental Laboratory warranty program and fabricated according to your specification and approval.

During the applicable warranty period should you experience any problems with a restoration or appliance, Modern Dental will remake or repair the restoration or appliance.

Here’s how it works:

1. The original dental restoration must be returned

  • If the product is damaged, please send any portion of the device available.
  • If the product is lost, please call your local Modern Dental Center
  • A return deposit will be invoiced, until the product is returned.
  • If the product is being used as a temporary, simply return it and the deposit will be credited.

2. If new impression was requested by Modern Dental, but followed the Doctor’s instruction to proceed without the new impression, the remake policy is null and void. Any further remake will be completed at full cost.