Why is quality feedback important?

We strive for improvement every day. Your feedback is instrumental for two reasons:

  • Determining if any steps in our manufacturing process or quality system needs to be adjusted.
  • Determining if any additional personnel training is required.

All of our cases are tracked digitally, with a unique Sales Order or case number which identifies the technician(s) involved in fabrication, time of day completed, and the lot number of materials used. Using this data, we are able to determine the cause for any nonconforming product.


How do I provide Modern Dental Laboratory with my quality feedback?

We have included a small feedback form on every invoice. It is pre-printed with the case number, Doctor and Patient name. All you need to do is:

  • Circle the appropriate rating and include any additional comments if desired
  • Tear/Cut off the form
  • Include in the shipping bag with your next case

Thank you for providing us with your feedback, it is instrumental in helping us create the finest restorations in the world!