• Elite Sport Guard

    • Elite Sport Guard

      • Constructed on maxillary arch
      • Thickness: 4-5mm
      • Occlusal surface: Flat plane
      • Additional 3mm hard labial insert
      • A choice of 17 different color schemes
      • Used for: Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Hockey Volleyball, Field Hockey & others


      The National Federation of State High School Associations is the overriding body that regulated High School sports in the country. The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, the Oregon School Activities Association and the Idaho High School Activities Association are the governing bodies for each state.

      The WIAA, OSAA & IHSAA accepts the NFSS rules concerning helmets and Mouthguards. The football rules were updated in 2005 as follows: 

      1-5-1: Beginning with the 2006 season, all helmets shall be secured with a four-snap chin strap and a tooth protector shall be of any readily visible color, other than white or clear.

      The purpose is to allow the officials to easily confirm the Mouthguard in the player’s mouth.

      Mouth Guard Colors
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  • Hard Acrylic Night Guard

    • Hard Acrylic Night Guard

      • Bruxism and TMJ disorders
      • Constructed on maxillary arch
      • Thickness: 2mm posterior / 4-5mm anterior
      • Occlusal surface: Flat plane, slick, smooth
      • Occlusal contact: Full arch (if possible) with cuspid guidance
      • Hard Processed Acrylic
      • This is the normal processed acrylic product. It is clear and can be designed with various thicknesses. We articulate and create equilibrium on the occlusal surface. This is trimmed to about 3mm from the incisal edge, to accommodate undercuts.
      14 Night Guard Color Choices
      (Ortho Color Chart Only)
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      Ortho Guard Colors JPG


  • Talon® Hard/Soft Guard

    • Talon® Hard/Soft Guard

      Bruxism & TMJ disorders

      • Clear acrylic to match orthodontic retainers (indicate on Rx)
      • Processed hard acrylic on occlusal surface/soft thermo-reactive material bonded to tooth side
      • Color stable & will not harden or distort over time (has memory) under normal wear/handling
      • Very comfortable
      • Good retention
      • High patient compliance

      Designed to meet your preferences in terms of flat plane, canine guidance, thickness, upper or lower, etc.

      • Hard/Soft Processed Acrylic

      This nightguard is processed with normal hard acrylic on the occlusal surface and a soft thermoplastic that is bonded to the inside. Shore-D hardness testing shows it will not harden over time under normal wear and handling conditions. It has “memory” and will not warp under normal wear and handling procedures. It is very comfortable with good retention and therefore patient compliance is very high.